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You are GREAT Adonai...

The first day of the week and we can GIVE THANKS again. My verse today is all about giving Adonai the HONOR and GLORY HE is due. It is in a book that is often overlooked and not read. I love finding hidden gems in the Word.

2 Samuel 7:22

Therefore, you are great, Adonai, God; for there is no one like you, and there is no God besides you — everything we have heard confirms that. (CJB)

Chapter 7 is about King David being told by the prophet Nathan that he will not be the one building a permanent house for God to dwell in. Nathan had to tell David that God had chosen his son/heir/descendant to be the one to build that place.

David, however, took the words that Nathan spoke and said the words above. He chose to continue to recognize that God is truly the one God above all. That everything that has been said and taught about Him is TRUTH and David wanted to acknowledge that.

Do you BELIEVE that God is the ONLY God? That there is NO ONE besides Him?

Are you able, like David, to give thanks even when you don’t understand what God is doing?

God’s promises are TRUE and we can CONFIRM it because of ALL that has been written down.

GIVE THANKS today! Bless Him!

Love and blessings,


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