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A Time to Rest
This book is designed to assist people in their quest for peace and better health. Most people I come in contact with comment that their lives are so busy and they fight sickness. Since 2001 I have been learning about the Israelites (Jewish people that God set apart and into which Gentiles are grafted in) and how they lived.
In 2005 I was able to spend 4 months in Israel. I then traveled back and forth for many years and then moved to Cyprus for several years. My time in that region taught me much about the Bible and the dynamics we have missed out on in the West. 
One of these commands is Shabbat. As I have begun to live with this observance in my life, I have noticed a change in how I feel and respond to stressful situations in my life. I look forward to resting once a week.

Passover For the Family

This book is designed to help you do a Passover Seder with children. Most Passover dinners are long and the children get hungry and do not understand all of what is said.


Designed to be read to younger children, or read by older children, this Haggadah (which means “the telling”) can be discussed before you eat, during a separate time together as a family, or if you want to read the first part of the book, then eat and finish the book like a regular Passover Meal, go for it. 


My thoughts are, when you have children, you design it for what works with your family (be flexible and fun).

Remember Me: A Passover Celebration
This book enables you to enjoy a Passover Dinner that will bring honor to the Creator who established in Torah the laws for this important meal. Yeshua came to fulfill each portion (explained as you continue through the dinner) and because of His death, burial and resurrection we can walk in freedom and life..
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