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I know that this word is not a favorite and people run from it. In today's world it seems no one wants to hold anyone accountable. Those who do try are considered to be the toxic and mental people. We live in a twisted and crazy world.

Gossip is a sin. Slander is a sin. Going to a counselor to talk about yourself and get things off your chest, because you are gossiped about, is not. And yet, that's the way it is portrayed because the person who decides to try and get better is talked about and told, "go work on your mental health." Basically this says, "I'm okay (even thought I gossip and slander), but you're not."

Slandering other people is wrong. Making snide comments about their character or demeanor is inappropriate. It causes people to question themselves and get down. We can see how the cycle continues because if the person doesn't change like the others want, than the slander and gossip continues, the person continues to be down and well...

in my opinion this is bullying. Gossip and slander is a form of bullying.

When these people are part of the family of faith, it becomes even more touchy. Neither side can be considered wrong so they are just supposed to walk it out, forgive and move on. Meanwhile the person who has been gossiped about is left asking, "Why are they allowed to say those things?" "Why are they allowed to act that way?"

I know that there is often two sides and one must hear both sides to understand. However, we must realize that there are times it is not a 50/50 responsibility split. There are times that one person is causing more issues - and that is where we have failed.

Holding someone accountable for their actions and actually telling them it is wrong rarely happens. Finding someone who wants to tell someone that they are wrong is not easy because of the backlash that could occur. Because people do not want to take responsibility, or acknowledge that their actions could be wrong, it is hard to tell people they are wrong. The response is, "but she did this to...," or "but he did that..." However, if they are not told it is wrong, they continue to do it.

Friends - if we call ourselves followers of Jesus the gossip and slander must stop. If someone chooses to do something that we don't agree with, love them through it. If someone is doing something you consider a sin, talk to them. Discuss it with them. Don't point fingers or neglect them, walk with them and talk with them.

Sometimes talking with the other person is not easy because he/she makes it challenging. In that case, it is okay to take care of yourself and separate from the person. We don't have to be friends with everyone. If you have tried to hold them accountable and nothing changes, then separate yourself.

The world we live in with social media and texting makes real life conversations challenging. We have lost the ability to sit and have hard discussions. This should be embraced.

I have a lot more I am processing on this, but enough for today. I pray that you can find ways to walk and talk with others. Meet them where they are. Love them through whatever it is they are facing. If it is too challenging - pray and let it be.

Love and blessings,



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