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I've been struggling lately with how much of an "I'm right" attitude has been floating around. Thanks to the wonderful world of internet and technology so many words like narcissism, gaslighting, and guilt-tripping are words that get thrown at people. I admit to doing it myself. There is no way that everyone is right... We have to learn to listen and care.

Thing is, we all have characteristics of these and give off the "vibe" to others. Yes, there are some who portray these traits more than others. The whole idea of understanding what they mean should make us want to change those qualities in ourselves so that we do not hurt others. Telling someone they are "guilt tripping" you can be hurtful. There are better ways to communicate those thoughts to someone. Often you are "guilt tripping" them just like you feel they have done to you!

Feelings are real. When someone is hurt, whether it is physical or emotional, they are hurt. There are times that people hurt physically and no one would know. Not everyone's pain is noticeable. When someone's feelings are hurt, there definitely is not a way to truly see that pain, unless they become mopey or down.

Sad thing is, there is still a stigma, especially in Christian circles, that you should not be down or depressed. I have been told that feelings are not real and I should not trust my feelings. That, friends, is not how to deal with feelings. those comments made me feel worse. Those comments caused me to be more down and more depressed. Feelings need to be acknowledged and recognized.

Yes, I agree that those who call themselves Christian should choose joy. They should be positive and up-lifting. However, there are days and moments, maybe even seasons, that they cannot do that.

We need to be there to walk them through these moments, days, AND seasons. I'm thankful for the friends who have done this for me.

Events and situations around me recently triggered me into writing this today. I have observed others not allowing space for people to grieve, or be down, due to circumstances in their life. We need to give people space to allow their emotions and feelings to be real. Feelings cannot be shoved aside. Teens need to be taught this. Parents need to model this.

We should never allow someone to wallow or stay down, however we cannot tell someone their feelings are not real. We cannot force someone to set their feelings aside. It is time we learn to LISTEN and understand why they are feeling the way they do. It is time we SIT with them and care about them.

If you truly want to do what Jesus did, you won't want to be "in the crowd." You won't want to be "where the fun is." Jesus went to those who were alone (Zacchaeus, the lady at the well...). He went to those who were not at the party, either because they were ill or didn't belong (the sick girl, the blind man waiting to get in the healing water...). When He was at a party, He listened to those who were different (Mary Magdalene).

Don't become someone who is "always right" and doesn't listen to others. Take time today to LISTEN and care for those who are hurting. Acknowledge their feelings. Let them have their feelings. Walk with them through their feelings.

Blessings to you all!



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