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This is not going to sit well with some people, but I feel it must be written. I write from my heart. I pray my heart is in the right place as I share what I believe He has given me…

First, I want to make it clear that I do believe Israel, and the people that live there, is God’s chosen people. I believe this is shown to us in many places throughout the Word of God. Having lived there for a significant number of years, the country, land and people are still near and dear to my heart. Friends there who might read this - I LOVE YOU and I am praying for you. It breaks my heart that you are going through this.

That being said, and what is difficult to write, Israel has fallen away from following what God ordained for them. They have lost a desire for following His heart and plan. Religious ideology has taken over in the extreme orthodox sector. “Anything goes” mentality has taken over in the extreme secular society. Once extremes begin to clash, the walls tumble, because a country divided in itself will not stand. Every single time this has happened, God allowed punishment to come. Once a country falls away from the heart of God, God will send punishment.

Israel has had MANY internal wars recently. Major political differences in the government that affects the people in the country. The country has become divided to the point where there were fights in Tel Aviv on Yom Kippur - the highest holy day of the year when they are supposed to be repenting to God. Both sides have forgotten what it means to take care of one another and work together for a common goal - which should be the heart and plan of God.

When things like this begin to happen, a country becomes vulnerable. Surprise attack? Yes. Israel should admit that they missed the mark because of everything happening internally. They were so busy pointing fingers at each other within their walls that they missed what was happening outside their close borders.

Do I like what is happening to Israel? No!! I absolutely am upset that anyone would hate their neighbor so much that they would resort to terror attacks as “revenge.”

Does Israel have a right to defend herself and fight for their country? Absolutely!! Any other county in the world would be allowed to combat terrorism that is occurring within its borders.

Does God ultimately win in the end? Of course! God’s will WILL prevail no matter what. He allows these moments to happen to shake people and bring them back to His heart. There will always be a remnant who stays close to Him. He will protect those who desire a relationship with Him.

We need to pray that Israel will return to His heart. We need to pray that their minds will be drawn back to a RELATIONSHIP with their Creator. We need to pray that they will REPENT and turn from ways that God never ordained. This turning back to Adonai needs to happen from the top government officials to the lowest person on the street.

Ultimately this is what needs to happen everywhere in our world, and in our individual lives. The WORD says that these days were coming. The WORD tells us when we begin to turn from God, God will “wake us up” so we RETURN to Him.

My prayer today is for us all to be there for one another and spur one another on in this race called life. That we would LISTEN to His voice and do what HE tells us, which is - “LOVE the LORD your God with all your heart, strength and mind. And LOVE your neighbor as yourself.”

My ramblings today...

Love and blessings,



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