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Are you ready?

A month... It has been a month since Israel was attacked. The blog I wrote was read the most of any I have ever written. Nothing is close to being resolved, and I don't think it will be anytime soon.

The world has become a place that is not easy to understand. I feel for my children, who are navigating issues and technology that I heard was coming, but had no way of knowing how it would affect all of us. Anxiety is easy to allow in. Worry? It's a constant battle.

My son interviewed me last week for a paper he had to write for class. One of the questions he asked me was what issues do I remember hearing about growing up. I remember hearing about the Cold War. I remember being concerned at times that Russia was going to drop a nuclear bomb. However, I remember that fear going away when the Wall came down.

Where are we at today? In some ways the same place. Russia is causing destruction. Terrorists are destroying in many places. There are constant stories being told in the news about darkness, pain and hurt. The hard thing for me to write today is that, I don't think these things are going to go away.

As I process everything, my only response is to live one day at a time. I told my son that the way I plow through is to take each moment, each day, one piece at a time. I plan and think ahead for the future, but I have to live for the moment. If I have a project to do, I need to do it. If laundry needs to be done, I need to do it. If there is a meal to make, I need to do it.

The key is, to do each task with as much joy as I can. I have the choice of how to do these tasks.

We are entering the season of being THANKFUL. It is MY choice to be thankful. It is MY choice to stay positive in the midst of the pain and heartache. I can acknowledge the pain. I can allow the hurt and process it. It is my choice to live in that, or walk forward in His love and find ways to be thankful.

I feel a little scattered, but I pray that you will find a way to live in the moment. I pray that you will release the darkness that is trying to come in and be the LIGHT He wants you to be. I pray that you will pray for the hurting, help as you can, but that you take care of YOU.

The Word of God is clear that He doesn't want us to worry. He wants us to live like the sparrow and take care of today. He will provide. I believe this is the only way to be ready for all that is to come.

Love and blessings,



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