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Wash each other's feet...

It has been so much fun searching for verses each day. Today I started a list of verses that I want to use because some days I have two or three that show up! I chose this one today because it is a Monday as I write this. A new work week or school week is beginning. This is a good time to be reminded to be a servant.

John 13:14

Now if I, the Lord and Rabbi, have washed your feet, you also should wash each other’s feet. (CJB)

Washing each other’s feet is something that is not happening like it used too. I grew up in a fellowship that did wash feet, but I realize now that I missed the mark about the true meaning of the act. I saw it as a tradition instead of an act that Jesus did to show His servanthood. It wasn't their fault I did not understand, I just was not in a place to truly receive the TRUTH.

When I went to university I was part of the Chorale. We always had a retreat at the beginning of the year to get to know one another. At devotional time towards the end of the retreat we had a foot washing ceremony. It was during this time together that the true meaning of this act because clear for me. It made me want to serve those in the group with me. It knit our hearts together.

One must understand that Jesus was with His disciples right before Passover. They were having dinner together and He knew His time for death was coming close. He took a towel and began to wash the disciples feet. It was known that the Jews would have done mikvahs (ritual cleansing) more often than we realize. Their bodies would be clean. However, as they walked, their feet would become quite dusty.

Jesus chose to become like a servant and wash them, but it meant He had to bow before them. It was a true act of servanthood. The disciples knew this and were obviously challenged. Jesus was teaching them to think less of themselves.

This act of washing feet is not as common today. When done properly and with the right attitude, I believe if this became a part of fellowship today our thoughts would be different towards one another. We can, however, also do other kind acts (wash dishes, help with laundry, cook a meal etc…) that are signs of servanthood.

Ask yourself today how HE wants you to serve someone. Ask yourself who HE wants you to show kindness too.

This verse is one to BELIEVE in. Servanthood is HIS TRUTH.

Love and blessings,


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