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Two Months...

I have not written a blog in over two months. Seeking... Searching.. Asking... Still don't have answers, but realizing more and more that I don't need to have answers. That's learning how to trust again...

I'm still not on Facebook very often so if you comment on this, I probably won't see it. I do have messenger so you can reach me that way.

I'm not who I used to be. Hopefully I am deeper and more filled with grace. HIS grace.

Thoughts are still so scattered. I still overthink too often.

As I am enjoying a cup of coffee this morning, this is the thought that keeps coming to me this morning and I feel the need to share it with you.

YOU were created to LOVE and BE LOVED.

I realize this is very basic, and yet, the basics is what so many of us are missing. The world has become such a crazy place that we overthink. We forget the things we just knew as a child.

Today, remind yourself that you were CREATED!!! SOMEONE created you.

Remind yourself you are LOVED.

Remind yourself to BE LOVE.

Shabbat Shalom,



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