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Knowledge of Adonai's Glory...

Verses about the GLORY of God are always encouraging. So often we focus on the worries of the day and they drag us down. I love the Psalms which does bring hope and lifts me up, but sometimes we must just focus on the GLORY of God. Today’s verse does just that.

Habakkuk 2:14

For the earth will be as full

of the knowledge of Adonai’s glory

as water covering the sea. (CJB)

This book of the Bible is little known and often overlooked. What a hidden gem to find this tucked away. It should make us want to read MORE of the Word of God.

Adonai’s GLORY. Do we really SEE HIM as glorious? Do we think about and exclaim His glory?

Every Friday night when we celebrate Shabbat we have blessings that cause us to LOOK UP and speak about the GLORY of Adonai.

His glory is as the “water covering the sea.” Have you ever looked at the ocean or sea? It seemingly goes on forever! We cannot see the other side! THIS is how FULL the earth is of Adonai’s glory.

If His glory fills the earth, the question we must ask is, ARE WE LOOKING for His glory? Obviously it is in the trees, the flowers, the birds… everywhere! So, if He is taking care of ALL of those pieces of His creation, how much more will He take care of us? Remember, He created us in HIS IMAGE!

Stop today and reflect on where you see His glory. Look around you. Than, GIVE THANKS!

Love and blessings,


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