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Matthew 21:14-17

14 Blind and lame people came up to him in the Temple, and he healed them. 15 But when the head cohanim (priests) and Torah-teachers saw the wonderful things he was doing, and the children crying out in the Temple, “Please deliver us!” to the Son of David, they were furious. 16 They said to him, “Do you hear what they’re saying?” Yeshua replied, “Of course! Haven’t you ever read,

‘From the mouth of children and infants you have prepared praise for yourself’?”

17 With that, he left them and went outside the city to Beit-Anyah (Bethany), where he spent the night.

The words, "Please deliver us" are once again translated in most Bibles to the word, "Hosanna!" This is the definition according to the Complete Jewish Bible:

Greek Ôsanna (English “Hosanna”) transliterates Hebrew Hosha na, which means “Please! Save [us]!”

Remember, the New Testament has only been found in the Greek language. This is not bad, but it is challenging because we do not have any Hebrew writings. Why would/could this be an issue? Well, all the writers were original Hebrew or Aramaic speakers. The disciples spoke Hebrew. Paul knew Hebrew. Any time you translate from one language to another you lose wisdom and insight. You lose some of the original intent of the writer.

In this case, we have to trust that the Greek is as close to the original as it should be. It is also why, in order to truly understand the Bible, one must return to the historic settings of the day and try to understand what was happening in order to apply the teachings. One must look at the culture to gather information about customs. All of these things will show us how they lived and why they would write the way they did.

The bolded words Jesus spoke to the leaders of the day are from Psalm 8:

From the mouths of babies and infants at the breast you established strength because of your foes, in order that you might silence the enemy and the avenger.

Jesus used the Word of God to teach and show the religious leaders of the day that the prophets were right. That the Words of God were coming to pass. Children would lead the way with praising Adonai. People would follow the praises of the children and see the Father.

I believe the religious leaders were jealous. People were following Jesus. People were listening to Jesus. They felt like they were no longer relevant. Instead of trying to work with Jesus they turned against Him.

How much of this still happens today. When someone new enters the community, and they have a personality that people listen too, and people gravitate to that person, how do others respond? Often there is negative talk and responses. I have seen this happen over and over between congregations and communities of faith. It is sad and divisive. It the reason the Word of God is clear that jealousy is not to have a place in anyone's heart. Pastors speak negatively of another pastor or person instead of trying to work with them.

In all situations we must seek the heart of the Father. There are times we must be cautious when new teachings enter our sphere. There must be times that we should not just follow "the newest and latest" thoughts shared. We must be diligent in our research and prayer. We must make sure they follow His Words.

However, never should we just dismiss thoughts simply because they "don't reflect what we have been taught." MAYBE there is something we missed and we need to be open to what is said. MAYBE they are from the Father and we need to turn in our thoughts. It is why we have discussions and process as a community and body to put the pieces together.

Don't let jealousy in. Don't push someone aside just because they are "different." Seek the heart of the Father and let HIM show you what HIS teachings are. Walk in those Words and understandings even if it means going against the crowd or religious leaders.

Love and blessings,


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