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He still speaks...

Proverbs 8:6-11

“Listen! I will say worthwhile things;

when I speak, my words are right.

7 My mouth says what is true,

because my lips detest evil.

8 All the words from my mouth are righteous;

nothing false or crooked is in them.

9 They are all clear to those who understand

and straightforward to those who gain knowledge.

10 Receive my instruction, rather than silver;

knowledge, rather than the finest gold.

11 For wisdom is better than pearls;

nothing you want can compare with her.

The Word LISTEN again! This seems to be a repetitive words in Proverbs.

Sometimes we think that God only spoke to the prophets of old, Moses, even Adam and Eve in the garden. What we forget is that He left us His Holy Spirit that is still ALIVE and moving on the earth today! That Spirit brings wisdom and insight to our soul. It "speaks to us!"

Verse seven says, "My mouth says what is true..."

Verse eight, "All the words from my mouth are righteous..."

Verse nine, "They are all clear to those who understand..."

"Straightforward to those who gain knowledge."

It bothers me when people say that God doesn't speak to them. If we believe that God is alive and well, than why wouldn't He "speak?" It may not be an audible voice like you hear from your child, neighbor, spouse, friend, but God does speak to us and guides us. HE is wisdom!

I will admit, sometimes I struggle with knowing what He is saying. "Is it really you, God????" Sometimes as the darkness that seems to surround me brings voices too, it is hard to know what is flesh and what is from Him. The verses above reassure me that ONLY words that are TRUTH will come from Him. NO EVIL. We know from other promises in the Bible that He will not harm us. He will remove us from harm if we Trust Him.

I bolded the last two verses because these are KEY to our walk with Him. We must RECEIVE His instruction and KNOW that it is better than silver. His KNOWLEDGE is better than gold! WISDOM is better than pearls.

Friends, pearls go through a rough time to be formed. If His Wisdom is better than pearls, than in order to get wisdom the path won't always be easy. There will be moments that we feel alone and battered, but keep trusting HIM to bring wisdom that will move you closer to Him.

Be blessed as you keep LISTENING to Him!

Love and blessings,


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