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What is YOUR mind focused on?

Today I chose to read several verses. It did not make sense to break them apart. Sometimes in the book of Psalms you just have to keep paragraphs together. Here is Psalm 66:16-20

Come and listen, all you who fear God,

and I will tell what he has done for me.

I cried out to him with my mouth,

his praise was on my tongue.

Had I cherished evil thoughts,

Adonai would not have listened.

But in fact, God did listen;

he paid attention to my prayer.

Blessed be God, who did not reject my prayer

or turn his grace away from me (CJB)

A friend had encouraged me to read this Psalms. These are the last verses. The one that “hit me” (for lack of better terminology) was

“had I cherished evil thoughts, Adonai would not have listened.”

I really do not know why verse 18 was what stuck out to me. Maybe because, I’m being honest here, sometimes I struggle with thoughts that are not from HIM. Flesh likes to take over and I begin thinking negative thoughts. There are days it is not easy to TRUST!

Once again, however, these verses make it clear that I must CRY OUT with my mouth, and HIS PRAISE must be on my tongue! I am supposed to TELL what HE has done.

When I do those things, HE WILL LISTEN! He WILL pay attention to my prayer.

Giving THANKS and blessing GOD is what HE desires.

So, the question today is, “What is YOUR mind focused on? Is it on the positive things that HE has done? Or are you cherishing “evil thoughts?”

If you want God to listen, obviously we must have thought on HIM, not us.

Live in HIS Grace today.

Love and blessings,


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