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Set your MIND at REST...

We have reached another Shabbat. God has brought us through another week and we are ready to spend time with HIM! I love to find verses about rest on Fridays. This week we are finishing the book of Exodus in our Torah readings. There is a verse about rest in this book so I chose

Exodus 33:14

He answered, “Set your mind at rest — my presence will go with you, after all.” (CJB)

In our busy world today our minds get busy and we don’t let them STOP to REST.

In this scenario, the Israelites were being stubborn and stiff-necked according to God, so He had told Moses that He wasn’t going to work with them anymore. As Moses pleaded with God to remember the covenant and promises He had made with the people, God reassured Moses with the line in this verse…

Set your MIND at REST… MY presence WILL go with you, after all…

Friends, when our weeks have not gone as well as expected and we know that we have done something wrong, and we FEEL like God is not wanting to be with us anymore, KNOW that HE does care and when you REPENT and turn towards HIM, HE will be WITH you.

His PRESENCE will never leave you nor forsake you. We just have to SEEK HIM.

So today, as we enter another Shabbat, SET your MIND at REST. STOP and let HIS PRESENCE bring SHALOM/Peace. Remember, HIS presence will “GO with you, after all…”

Shabbat Shalom,


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