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I ordered that the doors be shut...

SHABBAT! It is another Friday and I am thankful to have a clean house, dinner with my family, challah bread with reminders of ALL He has done and, and, and … so much to be thankful for!

Choosing another verse for Shabbat, I found one hidden in the book of Nehemiah.

Nehemiah 13:19

So when the gates of Yerushalayim began to grow dark before Shabbat, I ordered that the doors be shut; and I ordered that they not be reopened until after Shabbat. I put some of my servants in charge of the gates, to see to it that no loads be brought in on Shabbat. (CJB)

The book of Nehemiah is an amazing story of a young man who was taken away from his homeland, made a name for himself in the country he was placed, and became the cup bearer to the king.

As he “worked” for the king, he heard that things in Jerusalem were deteriorating and that the Temple needed to be rebuilt. He asked the king if he could return and the king granted his request. The king even gave him supplies!

Nothing short of a miracle allowed the wall to be rebuilt quickly. Along the way, Nehemiah realized that the inhabitants in Jerusalem had stopped celebrating the festivals, and Shabbat. Nehemiah knew that this displeased God, so he took it upon himself to re-establish what God ordained and desired.

This verse is the result of Nehemiah taking command once again. He ordered that the gates be SHUT before Shabbat. He wanted nothing going in or out. He wanted the city to cease from its labors and work.

Nehemiah was bringing the people back to the heart of God.

What are you doing today to bring your family back to the heart of God? What are you celebrating and establishing, not as man-made traditions, but in the Spirit of Truth? Are you teaching your children to honor the Sabbath? What does that really mean?

I encourage you today to let Holy Spirit be your guide. I encourage you to walk out the desires of HIS heart and let them bring you closer to Him.

Shabbat Shalom!


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