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HE is the GOOD NEWS!

Well… life sometimes has a way of getting us off track or distracted. I enjoy doing my FB live video and then blogging about it. Yesterday life didn’t really go the way I had planned and my blog did not get written! Friday mornings are always extra busy for me/us because we prepare for Shabbat so I am finally getting this done at 2:00 on a Friday afternoon - about the time I would do my Shabbat video. My verse from the FB live video came from Romans. I chose it because it addresses the idea of Jew and Gentile. It gives us an introduction to the idea that we are following the same God. They do not embrace Jesus as Messiah, but we serve the same God.

Romans 1:16

For I am not ashamed of the Good News, since it is God’s powerful means of bringing salvation to everyone who keeps on trusting, to the Jew especially, but equally to the Gentile. (CJB)

The GOOD NEWS is that Jesus loves us. IF we BELIEVE that He is the Son of God, than we walk in the power of God’s Truth. These Words bring the POWERFUL understanding that God is bringing salvation to those who KEEP ON TRUSTING.

The last lines are important… God truly sent His Son to the Jew first. Jesus was Jewish. Jesus walked, lived and taught the Jewish people. He followed the instructions God gave to Moses and lived a Torah observant life.

God’s plan, however, was ALWAYS to bring the Gentiles into His salvation as well. He loved the WHOLE world and wanted EVERYONE to understand. So, GOD made a way for the Gentiles to come into the knowledge of HIS salvation as well.

There are many details that cannot be shared in a short blog about being “grafted in.” It is truly something that needs to be shared in a different format than a short devotional.

What I want you to realize today is this, GOD’s plan is for ALL to be saved, but truly the WORD was given to the JEW first and we have MUCH to learn from them, if we are willing to open our heart to their understanding. Don’t shut yourself off to what God originally intended.

Another question would be, "Where are you getting your NEWS?" Are you looking to the world for it, or the WORD for it?

Love and blessings,


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