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God Loves Becoming...

A new year... a photo I saw says, "on to 2023" and that is how I feel. Not, "It's 2023 Time to start fresh and new!" Not, "New beginnings are here!"

Yes, I believe in new beginnings and making changes. There comes a point, however, that one would love to stop having new beginnings and changes (at least that is my thought right now). I just want to "move on..."

My daughter and I were talking the other day and she shared with me that as she was going through photos on her phone she realized how many "first times" she had last year. It's true. 2022 brought more "first times" for all of us.

As I was doing some reading this morning this prayer stuck out to me. It reminded me that in all the changes and new beginnings, God is there and He has His reasons for them happening. May this be an encouragement to you as well:

ONCE OR TWICE in a lifetime,

a man or woman may choose

a radical leaving, having heard

Lech l'cha - Go forth.

God disturbs us toward our destiny

by hard events

and by freedom's now urgent voice

which explode and confirm who we are.

We don't like leaving,

but God loves becoming.

Mishkan T'filah

pg 231

A Reform Siddur

As I read this I was reminded of Abraham who was called to leave and "Go Forth" to a new land. Moses had to "Go forth." So did David. May. The disciples. The list is long.

As we begin a new year, may we all know that "God loves becoming."

When you don't think you can handle another change -

When you think you are so tired of moving and being "unsettled" -

When you just want a place to rest and know HE is with you -

Remember that "God loves becoming."

HE will help you become ALL you need to be. Trust HIM to get you there. It may be a constant journey of change, but HE is always with you.

Let's move "on to 2023" with this in mind. And when we walk in this TRUTH, we will share that TRUTH and LOVE with others. HE will help you be the SPARK that others need.

Love and blessings,



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