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Dance Together and Alone

I have been listening to a podcast called, "The Best of You" by Dr. Alison Cook. There is lots of helpful information about merging psychology and Christian thoughts. An episode called, "Selfhood" was particularly encouraging to me. It's all about the idea of loving and caring for yourself.

I believe that the people within the "church" have gotten better with learning to care for themselves individually. To be honest, sometimes maybe too much. With so much focus on caring for others, it has been a struggle within the Christian community to know how to love self. Either people give and give to care for others, or they only take. The balance is not easy to find.

All of this has to do with attachment styles and personalities. Everyone is unique and created different. I have four children. Some of them LOVE to be with people ALL the time. Some DREAD being with people ALL day. As a mom, I am doing my best to help them find the balance with love and care for others, and LOVE and care for themselves. It is not an easy thing to teach, or learn.

Here is a quote from the podcast:

"Healthy attachment is a dance between togetherness and autonomy." Dr. Alison Cook

I love this word picture... A dance to be a better you. A dance to be healthy together and healthy alone.

In order to find ourselves we have to find the BALANCE! Dr. Alison Cook's way of calling this a dance is perfect. It shows we have to work to make it happen. Sometimes it will be easier than others. Sometimes it will just flow and there will be no issues. BUT, dancing is work! It takes a sense of coordination and rhythm. Some dances will be easy. Some more complicated.

Begin to think of every step and every walk as a dance... Find the balance between togetherness and autonomy.

When we can find that balance we will be a healthier individual. We will be able to LOVE others and LOVE ourselves. We will share that LOVE with those we meet.

Love and blessings,



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