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Filled with the Spirit of God...

This morning as we read our Daily Torah Portion, one verse stuck out from the others. We have been reading about how to build the Tabernacle and all that God required to be done. Tedious tasks, exact measurements, and lots of details that required someone who was willing to listen and obey. In the middle of all of these requirements of how to build everything, there was this one verse:

Exodus 31:3

I have filled him with the Spirit of God — with wisdom, understanding and knowledge concerning every kind of artisanry. (CJB)

Why is this verse so important? It makes the statement that God “filled him with the Spirit of God.” You have to read the verse before in order to understand who this person is…

The person God was speaking of is (verse 2):

I have singled out B’tzal’el the son of Uri the son of Hur, of the tribe of Y’hudah. (CJB)

This is the man who was chosen to make things for the Tabernacle. God filled him with “wisdom, understanding and knowledge.” This verse is in the OT Torah, not after Pentecost when the Holy Spirit fell. We often think that the Holy Spirit is in the New Testament, but this means that even in the Torah God filled people with His Spirit!

This man had a very important job and God clearly filled him so that he could carry out these tasks.

God CHOSE YOU to carry out tasks too. HE gives YOU wisdom, understanding and knowledge for EVERY TASK HE requires you to do. All we have to do is listen and obey.

Do you BELIEVE that HE has given you something to do? Maybe you are supposed to care for someone, build something, write something… the list is long!

Claim today the fact that HE has FILLED YOU with the Spirit of God. YOU have WISDOM, YOU have UNDERSTANDING, YOU have KNOWLEDGE… HE has PROMISED this for you.

Love and blessings,


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