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Rewards of Humility

The live FB I did regarding this verse had a bit of stumbling as I went between two translations of the Bible. Hopefully writing will bring clarity to my thoughts…

This is Proverbs 22:4

"The reward for humility is fear of Adonai,

along with wealth, honor and life." (CJB)

When I read this verse, my mind was drawn to the word humility. I think it is a word that intrigues many of us. We want to understand what it means, and how to operate in humility.

Here is the definition of humility:

"freedom from pride or arrogance : the quality or state of being humble"

Freedom from pride or arrogance. That can look different to different people. Most people do not recognize when they are being arrogant or prideful. It is not a trait we like to see in ourselves, or have others point out to us. There are also people who struggle with false humility. They come across as humble, but inside they believe they are better than others.

These characteristics are issues for many people.

Reflecting on this verse, I decided to read it in another translation. Sometimes different words or thoughts can bring a deeper understanding. This is the same verse from The Passion Translation:

"Laying your life down in tender surrender before the Lord

will bring life, prosperity, and honor as your reward."

As I read this, something clicked inside of me. This is what humility is. Humility is “laying your life down in tender surrender before the Lord.” When a person does this, he/she is saying, “Lord, you are in complete control of my life. Do with me what you will. I am yours.”

If we approach another person with humility, we are telling the other person we want to work with them to make something happen. It is not one person “in charge” and another underneath, it is working together, alongside one another, to accomplish a task.

This does not mean we do not need leaders. In companies and businesses there must always be people who make decisions. However, we all know that leaders who are the best at moving things forward are those who work alongside others. They are men or women who lead with an authority that is not prideful or arrogant, but one who leads with understanding and listens.

Both of these translations make it clear that the rewards for humility and complete surrender before the Lord are: LIFE, WEALTH, and HONOR. I believe that those are all things we desire. As we trust God completely, we gain the rewards HE offers.

Today - claim the promises again as your own. Know that HE is God. He made you and created you. Walk in complete surrender before Him and let Him bring the rewards He promised.

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