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A LIGHT on my Path...

I realized this afternoon when I was preparing for my next FB live that I never wrote my follow up blog for yesterday!

The verse I chose for yesterday is one everyone has heard, and probably even sung! Psalm 119:105

Your word is a lamp for my foot

and light on my path. (CJB)

As we celebrate Chanukah and look at verses about light, this one is a great reminder that the Word of God is the light for us. We need to be using HIS Word to bring us love, joy peace, patience…

What are we turning to during the day when troubles arise? Do we look to the Word, or do we move forward trying to do things in our own strength? Do we stop to listen to the Spirit?

I know I struggle too often with just letting my flesh take over. Something frustrates me and instead of stopping and focusing on what the issue is, I respond without patience.

Our challenge today should be reminding ourselves that we need to turn to the Word of God. We should listen to HIM and let HIM lead us and guide us. What principles are in the Word that we need to implement better than we are?

Happy Chanukah Night 3! Be reminded of patience…

Love and Blessings,


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