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What will you choose?

Matthew 11:20-24

20 Then Yeshua began to denounce the towns in which he had done most of his miracles, because the people had not turned from their sins to God. 21 “Woe to you, Korazin (Chorazin)! Woe to you, Beit-Tzaidah (Bethsaida)! Why, if the miracles done in you had been done in Tzor (Tyre) and Tzidon (Sidon), they would long ago have put on sackcloth and ashes as evidence that they had changed their ways. 22 But I tell you it will be more bearable for Tzor and Tzidon than for you on the Day of Judgment! 23 And you, K’far-Nachum (Capernaum), will you be exalted to heaven? No, you will be brought down to Sh’ol! For if the miracles done in you had been done in S’dom (Sodom), it would still be in existence today. 24 But I tell you that on the Day of Judgment it will be more bearable for the land of S’dom than for you!”

Once again the Words bolded above are from the Tanakh.

These are from Isaiah 14:13-15

You thought to yourself, ‘I will scale the heavens, I will raise my throne above God’s stars. I will sit on the Mount of Assembly far away in the north. 14 I will rise past the tops of the clouds, I will make myself like the Most High.’

15 “Instead you are brought down to Sh’ol, to the uttermost depths of the pit.

The Words Isaiah spoke were originally a "taunt song" for the king of Babel. The Hebrew people were being told that they would be victorious and able to sing to the king that he thought he would scale to the heavens, but no... with the help of Adonai, the kingdom of Babel would be brought down.

Jesus now used these Words to show three cities that they were going to be put away. Just like Sodom and Gomorra, just like Tyre and Sidon, because of the actions of these cities... they were going to be brought down.

Chorazin, Bethsaida, and Capernaum... Three cities on the North East edge of the Sea of Galilee. All three were well known back in their day. All three are ancient ruins today.

The people in these three cities, in-spite of Jesus performing miracles and showing them the way of Adonai, chose to not repent. They made the choice to not follow the One God put in their midst Who was the One to show them "The Way." They did not turn from their sins.

I'm sure no one of the day thought that those three cities would eventually be desolate. No one thought that the "curse" Jesus spoke would actually happen. And yet, it did.

The lesson for us is clear. We must keep our eyes on Him. We must not choose that our way is a better way.

Love and blessings,


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