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We need Wisdom

Matthew 11:16-19

16 “Oh, what can I compare this generation with? They’re like children sitting in the marketplaces, calling out to each other,

17 ‘We made happy music, but you wouldn’t dance! We made sad music, but you wouldn’t cry!’

18 For Yochanan came, fasting, not drinking — so they say, ‘He has a demon.’ 19 The Son of Man came, eating freely and drinking wine — so they say, ‘Aha! A glutton and a drunkard! A friend of tax-collectors and sinners!’ Well, the proof of wisdom is in the actions it produces.”

When Jesus said, "What can I compare this generation with?" I believe He was referring to the religious people (Scribes and Pharisees) of the day. This is based on what He was saying in the verses before. These religious people are like children in their response to what Jesus was teaching. These "teachers of Torah" were kind of whining to the people that they were "making happy music and you wouldn't dance." They continued with, "We made sad music, but you wouldn't cry."

They were being a bit childish and complaining. They continued to complain about John the Immerser and Jesus. They said John had a demon. They said Jesus was a glutton and drunk.

The last phrase from Jesus needs to be the focus. "Well, the proof of wisdom is in the actions it produces.” As Jesus brought clarity to the situation at hand, He ended with the fact that people need to look at what actions are behind the words being spoken. Jesus wanted those He was teaching to be aware that not everyone is who they say they are. Some were trying to accuse others for no reason. Some were trying to place people in religion and man-made laws.

Today we have many religious denominations and leaders. We need to be able to ask for WISDOM and seek Holy Spirit on WHO we should listen too. Some may not be giving us the correct information we need from the Word of God. Some may be trying to "lure us" into thinking wrongly about the leaders who are speaking Truth.

Holy Spirit is faithful to give us INSIGHT to know WHO is producing actions that are filled with TRUTH. Ask today for WISDOM. The Word makes it clear that anyone who asks for wisdom will receive.

Love and blessings,


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