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Watch Out!

Today is a Sunday and here in Cyprus it is Easter Sunday for the Orthodox. Yes, they follow a different calendar than the Catholics and Protestants! Orthodox follow the Julian calendar instead of the Gregorian calendar. This is the reason I am choosing to follow the Hebrew calendar, which is the one God established so many years ago. The one HE set up when HE created the world! That is a documentary for another day…

As our family continues to read through different teachings during our morning family Bible time, we chose to read from the book of Colossians.

Colossians 2:8

Watch out, so that no one will take you captive by means of philosophy and empty deceit, following human tradition which accords with the elemental spirits of the world but does not accord with the Messiah. (CJB)

This verse is quite strong. WATCH. Let NO ONE take you captive… how? By means of philosophy, empty deceit, and human traditions.

These are ALL elements that are strongholds in our world today. Obviously they were back them too, or Paul would not have written about them to the church at Colossae. If they were issues then, stop and think about the way they hold onto us today and slip in via the technology we have and the lies that are spread via the Internet and media.

It is MUCH harder today to decipher what TRUTH really is!

We are supposed to focus on ONLY things that are in accord with the Messiah. We are supposed to leave behind the elements of the world and walk focusing on what HOLY SPIRIT wants from us. LISTEN to HIM!

Don’t let things that are tradition and of the world to slip into your thoughts. Don’t let philosophy and mindless thoughts take control of your mind.

Hold onto the WORD of God and let the TRUTH wash you every day.

Let the WORD of God be your SECURITY!

Be alert and WATCH OUT!

Love and blessings,


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