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Love from the Cross

Matthew 27:32-37

32 As they were leaving, they met a man from Cyrene named Shim‘on; and they forced him to carry Yeshua’s execution-stake. 33 When they arrived at a place called Gulgolta (which means “place of a skull”), 34 they gave him wine mixed with bitter gall to drink; but after tasting it, he would not drink it. 35 After they had nailed him to the stake, they divided his clothes among them by throwing dice. 36 Then they sat down to keep watch over him there. 37 Above his head they placed the written notice stating the charge against him,



Simon... forced to carry the cross. I'm sure that day changed his life forever. I don't think it would matter who the person was, if you were forced to carry the stake someone was to be executed on it would be life changing. To know that it was the man named Jesus would definitely make someone think.

Golgatha... If you have ever been to the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem, you would have seen the picture of the skull in the side of the rock. Seeing it makes a person reflect. There really is a place where all of these events would have happened.

Wine with bitter gall or vinegar... What a way to try and quench your thirst when you are hanging on a cross. And then to watch them divide your clothes through gambling, and not even give them to your family. Jesus endured a lot.

I know that there are controversies surrounding the place where it happened. Some say it is the Church of the Holy Sepluchure in the Old City. Some say it is the Garden Tomb. Bottom line, there is evidence of places that this event would have occurred. We know there was someone named Pontias Pilate, because they found evidence of his name. I believe that more and more details will emerge to give us more proof that the Bible is TRUTH.

We still must have faith. We still must believe without seeing it all. We must put together the prophecies of the Bible and BELIEVE in our hearts that HE IS OUR KING. As we have been grafted in to the TRUTHS given in ALL of Scripture, we will KNOW that HE is our Messiah.

Once again reflect on His love today. Once again take time to let His LOVE wash over you as you reflect on everything He went through.

Love and blessings,


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