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Is YOUR mind controlled by the Spirit?

I love to read verses about LIFE. When PEACE is added in, a double blessing. The verse today comes from the New Testament portion of the weekly Torah readings.

Romans 8:6

Having one’s mind controlled by the old nature is death, but having one’s mind controlled by the Spirit is life and shalom. (CJB)

If I want to have LIFE, I MUST have a mind controlled by the Holy Spirit. LIFE and PEACE (Shalom) are available to me as often as I FILL my mind with HIM!

It is often easier to let my mind be controlled by my flesh. Think on the bad and negative. Focus on the craziness in my life. So often it I just let the “old nature” take over.

This verse is clear that the old nature, when I allow sin and flesh to get in the way, brings death. I always feel yucky when this is my focus.

Part of the reason this devotional came into being is because I realized that I needed to focus on HIS WORDS. I needed to CLAIM HIS PROMISES every day. This is why I started doing FaceBook Live videos on ONE verse. I turned them into blogs, and now this devotional.

The second reason this devotional happened is because I want YOU as the reader to learn these behaviors as well. I want YOU to FOCUS on HIS WORDS and PROMISES and CLAIM THEM for yourself!

I fully believe that when we focus on HIS WORDS and PROMISES our minds are CONTROLLED by the Spirit and we truly do have LIFE and PEACE.

May you find LIFE and PEACE today as you FILL your mind with the SPIRIT. Leave behind the OLD and move FORWARD with HIS SPIRIT filling you.

Love and blessings,


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