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Go Untie a Donkey

Matthew 21:1-5

As they were approaching Yerushalayim (Jerusalem), they came to Beit-Pagei (Bethphage) on the Mount of Olives. Yeshua sent two talmidim (disciples/students) 2 with these instructions: “Go into the village ahead of you, and you will immediately find a donkey tethered there with its colt. Untie them and bring them to me. 3 If anyone says anything to you, tell him, ‘The Lord needs them’; and he will let them go at once.” 4 This happened in order to fulfill what had been spoken through the prophet,

5 “Say to the daughter of Tziyon, ‘Look! Your King is coming to you, riding humbly on a donkey, and on a colt, the offspring of a beast of burden!’

The beginning of what most people know as "Holy Week." I have come to understand this as the beginning of Passover. The preparations and excitement are building up to one of the great festivals. A time of celebration and rejoicing because of their deliverance from Egypt.

The bolded words above are from the prophet Zechariah 9:9

Rejoice with all your heart, daughter of Tziyon!

Shout out loud, daughter of Yerushalayim!

Look! Your king is coming to you.

He is righteous, and he is victorious.

Yet he is humble — he’s riding on a donkey,

yes, on a lowly donkey’s colt.

The words above were written about 500 years before Jesus was born. I don't know how much more clear these words could be fulfilled. Jesus rode a donkey into Jerusalem just as the prophet foretold.

In this passage, Jesus and the disciples were entering Jerusalem. He spoke clear instructions to the disciples. They knew exactly what to do. The disciples were told to "go untie the donkey" they would find in the village as they entered. Everything happened according to what Jesus said.

I wonder what if the disciples questioned Jesus. I wonder if they asked themselves if the donkey would really be there. I wonder if they had a little bit of an attitude as they entered the village, kind of scoffing along the way.

Maybe some will think I am disrespectful for even having the thoughts. Some would say that these disciples were so obedient and willing to do anything. And yet, the disciples were known to be quite human. They probably had some questions rolling around in their mind as they were completing tasks.

What we do know is, the Words Jesus spoke came to pass. The Words from Adonai 500 years before, spoken through the prophet Zechariah and written down, came to pass.

What should this tell us? The WORDS of our Father are TRUE. When He speaks, it will come to pass. We might miss the mark in how we hear it, or share it, but His Words will come to pass.

It should help us understand that He will be there for us. It should bring us comfort to know that He will bring us LIFE, because that is what His Word speaks. It should allow us to freely trust Him and believe Him.

We are human. We will miss the mark and we will fall short. But, we know that HE is our King. He might be humble and lowly of heart, but He is righteous and victorious. When we LISTEN to His clear instructions we will see HIS Words come to pass. Even if it is "go untie a donkey" there will be a blessing involved when we listen to Him.

Love and blessings,


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