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Get rid of the yuck...

Matthew 18:8-11

8 “So if your hand or foot becomes a snare for you, cut it off and throw it away! Better that you should be maimed or crippled and obtain eternal life than keep both hands or both feet and be thrown into everlasting fire! 9 And if your eye is a snare for you, gouge it out and fling it away! Better that you should be one-eyed and obtain eternal life than keep both eyes and be thrown into the fire of Gei-Hinnom (hell). 10 See that you never despise one of these little ones, for I tell you that their angels in heaven are continually seeing the face of my Father in heaven. 11 [a]

Harsh words... I must be honest when I say I do not like to write about controversial verses like this. But, I got myself into doing this, so I will continue! It is a learning experience for me, and I also want everyone to know that I do NOT claim to have all the answers about anything.

First, one must understand how the word "hell" came into our vocabulary. Get-Hinnom is a valley in Jerusalem. The link here will explain what happened in this place. I believe you will be surprised. It is still known today as a place of death. I encourage you to read this short article:

To look at the verses about cutting off a hand or foot, or gorging out an eye... One must realize that Jesus would not intentionally mean for someone to do this. The physical damage and chaos it would cause would be harmful not only to the person, but to those around the person as well.

It is my thought that Jesus was wanting His disciples to once again look at their heart. Without an internal change, the external will be affected. Without someone understanding that their attitude affects the world around them, they won't know how to truly care for the children of God.

I read an article about "who is an adult?" At 18 a teenager is considered able to "be an adult." But according to research, their minds are still growing until around age 20. Then you have the idea that if you are a student you can be on your parents taxes, insurance, etc... And in the US you can't legally drink until you are 21. So, how does one determine who is an adult?

This article made the observation that an adult, "requires the ability to recognize your impact on others and to alter your behavior accordingly."

This is what Jesus wants His followers to see and understand. Changing behavior is an internal thing and needs to happen from the inside out. When one is willing to make the heart different, than he/she will bring a change to the world. When the heart is right, than you don't have to face the thought of going against what HE desires. When you have the ability to realize you DO impact others, you will WANT to change.

Stop today to think about what you need to change. You might not be harming children, but your actions might be affecting those around you. It's time to take an internal look and see what HE wants from you. Get rid of the yuck...

The picture I chose might seem a little strange, but. if you have bad milk in a carton, you have to throw it out. If you have bad stuff in the heart, you must be willing to throw it away.

Love and blessings,


PS Once again there is a verse "missing." My thought is, don't get upset by this. There is always an explanation and it usually has to do with the fact it isn't in the "oldest transcripts." They don't just leave things out because of some conspiracy theory.

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