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HOPE in His WORD...

So many times during the day we stop and wonder what God is doing. We ask Him why someone isn’t healed. We ask Him why the money isn’t available. We ask Him to help us get a job or enter a school. Today’s verse should help us understand what WE can do as we WAIT on Him.

Psalm 130:5

I wait longingly for Adonai;

I put my hope in his word.

I wait longingly… I think that the scenarios above require us to “wait longingly.” We are waiting for a friend to be healed. We are waiting for funds. We are waiting for an answer about a job, or school…

Our requirement is to HOPE in HIS WORD. There is always something HE wants us to DO in order for blessing to come.

This verse tells us to HOPE. We don’t just hope in anything… We HOPE in HIS WORD. HE speaks - we listen! He speaks - we HOPE.

Holding on to the PROMISES He gave us. Those WORDS should help us in our waiting.

The Children of Israel, as they left Egypt, did not have HIS WORDS to hold on to. They had signs and wonders, but nothing written. Some might say signs and wonders are easier to believe in, but are they? The Hebrew children had a hard time, what makes us believe it would be any easier for us? They saw God do all the plagues and yet they still complained! They grumbled about food and water! Eventually God gave them instructions, but that discussion is for another day…

We need to STOP and HOPE in the WORD HE has blessed us with. As we wait “longingly” for an answer, find HOPE in HIS WORDS.

Claim this PROMISE today.

Love and blessings,


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