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Your Words are a doorway...

I love Psalms. I think many of us do. The longest chapter in the Bible has so many great verses in it. The most famous is probably verse 105. This one is similar…

Psalm 119:130

Your words are a doorway that lets in light,

giving understanding to the thoughtless. (CJB)

The unfolding of your words gives light;

it gives understanding to the simple. (NIV)

I chose to use two translations. I like how the CJB uses the word, “doorway.” It makes me feel like when I LISTEN to the WORDS of God, or read them, they become a doorway of light. The more I read it, or hear it, the more LIGHT that gets let in. The door opens more and more. I can see clearer and clearer.

I like the NIV because of the last line. “It gives understanding to the simple.”

My brain is simple. My children remind me of this often. As I age, I realize that I cannot process thoughts as quickly. My mind cannot keep up with technology like it used too. It makes me realize more and more how simple life should be, and how complex it has become.

My challenge for you today is, are you READING the Word of God and LISTENING to what it says? Are you taking your simple mind and feeding it the encouragement and promises that HE has given you?

Stop realize that HE gives understanding. HE is the One Who is bringing the LIGHT. HE created it all, so STOP and take time to LISTEN! It is HIS WORDS that unfold in front of us to show us the path.

Love and blessings,


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