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Walk Away...

Proverbs 1:10-19

10 My son, if sinners entice you,

don’t go along with them.

11 Suppose they say, “Come with us:

we’ll ambush somebody and kill him,

we’ll waylay some harmless soul, just for fun;

12 we’ll swallow him alive, like Sh’ol,

whole, like those who descend to the pit;

13 we’ll find everything he has of value,

we’ll fill our homes with loot!

14 Throw in your lot with us;

we’ll share a common purse” —

15 my son, don’t go along with them,

don’t set foot on their path;

16 Their feet run to evil,

they rush to shed blood.

17 For in vain is the net baited

if any bird can see it;

18 rather, they are ambushing themselves

to shed their own blood, waylaying themselves.

19 So are the ways of all greedy for gain —

it takes the lives of those who get it.

Greed... it takes the lives of those who participate. Being greedy does not bring LIFE. God wants us to be blessed, yes, but HE provides the blessings. When we pursue our wants and desires we become prideful and greedy.

Most of us would probably say that we would walk away if sinners entice us. And yet, how many. times have we participated in something that was maybe a bit "shady?" Or, how many times have we spoken words against someone else as we "gossiped?"

Sin doesn't always look like a net that is seen. Sin entices "in the moment" and pulls us in quickly. We may not even think twice when asked, and then the consequences come...

Jesus did sit and eat with sinners. Jesus did walk with them at times. However, He never engaged in their sin with them. If you believe you are "ambushed" into doing something, best off not doing it. Best off to walk away... Don't try to "be Jesus to someone" unless you are strong enough to stand up for Truth.

Our Father will give us the strength to stand strong in situations He wants us to be in. He also wants us to walk away from those we know we won't be able too hold out. It's okay to walk away...

Friends, these Words were written to keep us out of trouble. These Words should bring peace to our soul. These Words should be seen as LIFE giving.

Don't get caught up in greed or pride today. Don't let it put a chain or hold on you. Put it aside and let HIS strength flow through you. Walk away from gossip. Walk away from the net that will entrap you into something wrong. Focus on HIS Truth and enjoy LIFE.

Love and blessings,


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