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Proverbs 8:1-5

Wisdom is calling! Understanding is raising her voice! 2 On the heights along the road, where the paths meet, she is standing; 3 by the gates leading into the city, at the entrances, she cries aloud:

4 “People, I am calling you, raising my voice to all mankind. 5 You who don’t direct your lives, understand caution; as for you, you fools, get some common sense!

Understanding and wisdom...

As much as I would love wisdom, right now I would love understanding more!

I wish I could understand why people choose wrong...

I wish I could understand why people are mean...

I wish I could understand why anger seems to be prevalent in so many...

There is so much I just don't understand. I overthink. Than I worry.

I read the Words above and realize that I don't want to be a fool, so I will exercise common sense and LAY IT ALL DOWN! His Words tell me not to worry. His Words tell me to Trust Him and Fear not. His Words bring me LIFE and peace.

Today I will choose to listen to HIS WORDS. His Words are wisdom and the verses above tell us that she is "raising her voice to all mankind." That means in the midst of the muddle and craziness happening, if I STOP and KNOW that He is God, than I will hear it.

It says she is at the "gates leading into the city." If you have studied history or visited Israel and the ancient cities there, one realizes that the commotion at the city gates is loud. To hear someone shouting in the middle of the crowd would not be easy. It also says she is "on the heights along the road..." That means you have to climb to hear her because she is "on the heights. From what I can tell, it isn't an easy task to hear wisdom!

Stop and realize that HE is given you the strength to LISTEN and hear His voice. When you rely on His goodness and faithfulness, than you will be able to look past the craziness around you and have peace in the storm. You may not "understand" everything, but you will KNOW that He is God and that HE is taking care of you.

The picture attached to this is the Eastern Gate in Jerusalem, seen from the Temple Mount. Friends, someday soon this will be broken apart. HIS feet will touch the earth and we will be changed. Are you ready?

Love and blessings,


Women Empowerment based on Torah and the Bible


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