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A friend and co-worker and I were talking today... She shared a video with me and it spoke about performance and trust. In this video the speaker shared that Navy Seals were asked if they would rather be with someone who has high performance, or someone they highly trusted. The optimal was that there would be both. Having neither trait would not be appreciated. If there was a person higher in one area than another - the preference would be that they can trust the person. Performance didn't matter, trust did.

Trust is difficult to come by these days. It is not easy to trust.

People talk. People gossip. People lie. People cheat. All of those qualities break trust.

We wonder why we live in the world we live in? Why people shoot each other? Why people kill themselves?

There is no trust! Yes, people make wrong decisions and get themselves into bad places. They choose to lie and cheat. Yes, there are consequences for those decisions.

However, I believe that we are seeing more and more "innocent" people becoming angry and frustrated because they have lost their trust in people. Their boss lied. Their spouse cheated on them. A friend turned against them.

Are those reasons to become angry and frustrated? Do people need to understand how to navigate those feelings? Of course! More and more do not know how to do that...

It is time to be people of trust. It is time to be someone that others can count on to share true feelings and emotions with and NOT be viewed as wimpy and childish. It is to be someone that is there to listen and walk with those who are hurting. We need to find out strength in our Creator and share that strength with those we come in contact with.

Use the verse below to find your strength in HIM. Then share that strength, peace and rest with those around you. LOVE them and be there for them.

Isaiah 26:3-4

“A person whose desire rests on you

you preserve in perfect peace,

because he trusts in you.

Trust in Adonai forever,

because in Yah Adonai,

is a Rock of Ages.”

Shabbat Shalom,



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