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Then, when Adonai gives you REST...

Shabbat! Another Friday. Another day to let go and LET GOD. Today’s verse about rest is a bit unusual.

Isaiah 14:3

Then, when Adonai gives you rest from your suffering and trouble and from the hard service imposed on you, (CJB)

The situation surrounding this verse is unique. God was saying that they would be singing a “taunt” against the king of Babylon in verse 4. Not something that usually brings to mind Shabbat rest.

It also speaks of the “hard service imposed…” Not exactly something that brings to mind REST.

In the world today we do not necessarily have “hard service” that has been imposed on us. However, employers are not always kind. The fact that we have to work in order to have food, electricity and all the other means we need to survive… there are moments that it feels like “hard service” is always around us…

I know that there are days that I feel like suffering and trouble follow us. There are days when I feel like there isn’t much rest. Trying to make decisions and LISTEN to His Spirit, where is REST?

This verse tells us that Adonai does give REST.

We just keep trusting HIM and REST will come. Adonai is REST.

Time to STOP. Time to REST. Time to understand that Adonai knows the WAY.

Shabbat Shalom,


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