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The Street Corner

Proverbs 1:20-33

Wisdom calls aloud in the open air

and raises her voice in the public places;

21 she calls out at streetcorners

and speaks out at entrances to city gates:

22 “How long, you whose lives have no purpose,

will you love thoughtless living?

How long will scorners find pleasure in mocking?

How long will fools hate knowledge?

23 Repent when I reprove —

I will pour out my spirit to you,

I will make my words known to you.

24 Because you refused when I called,

and no one paid attention when I put out my hand,

25 but instead you neglected my counsel

and would not accept my reproof;

26 I, in turn, will laugh at your distress,

and mock when terror comes over you —

27 yes, when terror overtakes you like a storm

and your disaster approaches like a whirlwind,

when distress and trouble assail you.

28 Then they will call me, but I won’t answer;

they will seek me earnestly, but they won’t find me.

29 Because they hated knowledge

and did not choose the fear of Adonai,

30 they refused my counsel

and despised my reproof.

31 So they will bear the consequences of their own way

and be overfilled with their own schemes.

32 For the aimless wandering of the thoughtless will kill them,

and the smug overconfidence of fools will destroy them;

33 but those who pay attention to me will live securely,

untroubled by fear of misfortune.”

This one is long and yet, these verses must be kept together. They all connect and speak off of the one before.

Wisdom is calling out. There are still people who are bringing a message of Truth. As we hear the message, most people know to do "right." The question today is, "will you DO right?"

Street signs are given to us for a reason. They show us where to go and where not to go. Wisdom and fear of Adonai will do the same for our lives. When we watch the signs from HIM we will find LIFE.

Most people know in their hearts when they begin to do something that brings lawlessness. And yet, they continue on the path of destruction anyway. What I am watching and seeing is, people want their desires. They don't want to DO right. Pride and selfishness are becoming more and more rampant and the attitude of, "I want it, so I will get it" tends to prevail.

Repent when I reprove —

I will pour out my spirit to you,

I will make my words known to you.

These words in verse 23 speak volumes. REPENT. This concept is not happening like it should. We don't want to admit when we are wrong. Or, if we do, we have an excuse or reason about why we did what we did. We don't truly "turn" from doing what is not right. Again, this is part of pride and selfishness.

If we would truly repent, than the Spirit is poured out. Then the Words of LIFE are made known.

What happens if we choose, over and over, to listen to our flesh instead of the Spirit? We will begin to aimlessly wander and we won't even realize it. When we do not acknowledge our wrong, we are essentially saying that we know better than God. Once again, pride.

Friends, when you make a decision, stop and seek HIM. Ask for wisdom and TRUST that He will give it to you. Don't just selfishly follow desires. Earnestly seek HIM and what He desires. It often does not look like what you want. It often means giving up something near and dear to your heart. But, in HIS wisdom there is LIFE. This is stated in verse 33:

but those who pay attention to me will live securely,

untroubled by fear of misfortune.”

Love and blessings,


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