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Silent in HIS love...

I have been holding out on using this verse. It is so special. It has so many promises. Today when it showed up on Bible Gateway as the Verse of the Day I knew I had to use it…

Zephaniah 3:17

Adonai your God is right there with you,

as a mighty savior.

He will rejoice over you and be glad,

he will be silent in his love,

he will shout over you with joy.” (CJB)

Why do I think this verse is so special?

Clearly it says that Adonai is “right there with you.”

He is a "mighty savior."

Two promises that should encourage and strengthen us.

If God is willing to “rejoice over you” and “be glad” about you, shouldn’t that make you happy?

The next line is interesting… “He will be silent in his love.” WHY would God choose to be SILENT in love? Today as I pondered on this verse, I thought about the fact that so often when we think that God is silent, we think of it as a negative.

MAYBE, just maybe, we should realize it COULD be a POSITIVE!

If He is silent in LOVE than that is a good thing! He STILL loves YOU even when He is silent! He is still there for you even when He is silent!

And then there is the last line which says… “He will SHOUT over you with JOY.”

This verse ALWAYS encourages me. It lifts my spirit and brings peace. I pray that today it does the same for you. Claim these words for yourself and KNOW that HE is “RIGHT THERE WITH YOU!”

Love and blessings,


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