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Shabbat yearning...

It's another Shabbat and I'm trying to slow my mind down... It is not easy in the day and age we live in. Constant technology at our fingertips makes it challenging. People can get a hold of you in an instant. We all know the feeling, and stopping is not easy. True peace cannot come from our surroundings. I have to remind myself of that constantly. May you continue to seek and desire to know HIS peace always.

Today I took time to read in my Shabbat book.

O GOD, YOU ARE as near as

the very air we breath,

yet farther than the farthermost star.

We yearn to reach You.

We seek the light and warmth of Your Presence.

Though we say You are near,

we are lonely and alone.

O let our desire be so strong

that it will tear the veil that keeps You from our sight!

Let Your light release our darkness

and reveal the glory and joy of Your Presence.

As the fish gives himself to the sea,

as the bird gives herself to the air,

so may we Give ourselves to You.

Mishkan T'filah

A Reform Siddur

Page 125

ADONAI, open up my lips,

that my mouth may declare Your praise.

Lord, help me depend solely on YOU. And help me love others as you would.

Shabbat Shalom,



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