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Safe from Evil

Proverbs 2:12-15

They will save you from the way of evil

and from those who speak deceitfully,

13 who leave the paths of honesty

to walk the ways of darkness,

14 who delight in doing evil

and take joy in being stubbornly deceitful,

15 from those whose tracks are twisted

and whose paths are perverse.

Because I choose to break down the different sections and look at a few verses each day, sometimes we need to refer back to some previous in order to understand something. When I first read this I asked myself, "what is 'they'"?

"They," in this situation are the "Words of Adonai." The beginning of this chapter says,

"My son, if you will receive my words

and store my commands inside you," and goes on with a than.... IF you do this, than this...

We are to know HIS Commands. We are to gain understanding of HIS Words. When we KNOW them, they will "save us from;"

  • evil

  • from those who speak deceitfully

  • those who leave the path of honesty and walk in darkness

  • those who delight in doing evil

  • those who take joy in being stubbornly deceitful

  • from those whose tracks are twisted and paths perverse

KNOWING His Words really does SAVE us from a lot! His Words save us from more than just ourselves! HIS Words and Commands SAVE us from evil that can happen around us. HIS Words will keep us from those who want to do harm.

This is why we must HIDE His Word in our hearts. Why we must "bind" them to our foreheads and put them in on the doorposts of our homes. The Jews do this when they wrap tefillin as they pray. Other I know have put Words from the Bible on the doorpost of their home.

Take time today to just read a little from His Word. Don't say, "I can't understand it." ASK Him for wisdom and understanding before you read. Just let HIS Words soak into your being. When you do that, you can find LIFE.

Love and blessings,


Women Empowerment based on Torah and the Bible

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