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Psalm 146:3-4

Don’t put your trust in princes

or in mortals, who cannot help.

When they breathe their last, they return to dust;

on that very day all their plans are gone.

Life can be a struggle for power. The world is watching it now as Russia invades Ukraine. I observed it in Israel between the Jews and the Palestinians. It happens in jobs. I've watched it in churches. I've seen it in families. It can't be escaped.

People gain power and authority here on earth and it corrupts minds. They believe they are invincible and begin to make choices that are not healthy or godly. Those choices affect the people around them, or those who are within reach of the "authority" they have been given.

My heart aches this week as I am reminded of this struggle that affects so many people. Why do we think we have to have "power?" Why do we beg for the opportunity to "be in charge?" For some reason we love it when we can tell others what to do. And yet... this is exactly what causes pain in the world.

I've learned not to trust governments. I've learned not to trust pastors. I've learned not to trust "friends." Who to trust shouldn't be an issue, but it is. It isn't easy to know if a police man, employer, teacher or government leader really has your best interest in mind anymore. Too many "powerful people" have caused lots of pain. Those are hard words for me to write, but it's true.

Rebuilding trust, once you have had it broken, is not easy. Learning how to rely totally and completely in the Father is not easy either. There are days that "pat answers" hurt. There are days that you want to scream at the world that you don't care.

There do need to be leaders. The leaders, however, need to be servant leaders. Those leaders need to be people who are willing to do the grunt work and walk alongside those who are "at the bottom." Those "in charge" cannot just stand on a platform yelling, and to be honest - sometimes even speaking, directions to those beneath them. How instructions are given is important. Actions behind the instructions are even more important.

For me, I'm going to do my best to trust in Adonai, not in princes (people of power) or mortal man. I will believe that God will bring me through no matter what happens. If men and women in power fail me, HE will provide.

I am thankful that HE is always with me. I hope and pray that you can find that comfort as well. It's time we all plug into HIM and let HIM be our source to get us through each and every day.

Love and blessings,



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