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Make me HEAR of Your love...

The past couple of days I have been asking God for new and fresh verses. This is one He showed me a couple of days ago.

Psalm 143:8

Make me hear of your love in the morning,

because I rely on you.

Make me know the way I should walk,

because I entrust myself to you. (CJB)

I read this and knew they were special. Make me HEAR of Your LOVE… when? In the morning! First thing I should do when I wake up is LISTEN for His LOVE.

I should do this because I RELY on HIM. HE is my source of everything!

Make me KNOW the way I should walk. HE alone can give clarity and direction!

WHY???? Because I ENTRUST myself to HIM!

IF I rely on Him and IF I entrust myself to Him THEN I can HEAR His love and KNOW the way to walk.

What else can a person desire as they go throughout their day? For me, these promises are enough. IF I do what I am supposed to do, than there is more than ENOUGH that will come from Him.

Will YOU rely on HIM? Will YOU entrust yourself to HIM? Find ways to do this each and every day…

Love and blessings,


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