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I was pondering what to write on today, and I opened my Shabbat Prayer book and saw this prayer:


to speak the lean and simple word;

give us the strength to speak

the found word, the meant word;

grant us the humility to speak

the friendly word, the answering word.

And make us sensitive, God,

sensitive to the sound of the words

which others speak -

sensitive to the sound of their words -

and to the silences between.

pg 284

Mishkan T'Filah

A Reform Siddur

Proverbs 4:10

Listen, my son, receive what I say,

and the years of your life will be many.

The art of listening has gone away. Too many people speak to make their voice heard. People don't want to listen to others. I think the prayer above is something we need to take to heart again. It's something I need to remind myself. I want to be "sensitive to the SOUND of the words and the silences between."

Give us all the ability to find the time to LISTEN to HIS Words and let HIM speak to us so we can share HIS Love with others. When we STOP and reflect on WHO He is, we will have the strength to be HIS Light to those around us. We will WANT to listen to others so we can be HIS hands and feet to those we meet.

Love and blessings,



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