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Like someone comforted...

In the US, today is Mother’s Day. Europe celebrated their Mother’s Day earlier (I think it was in March). In honor of this day that is a special one for most people, I chose a verse from Isaiah.

Isaiah 66:13

Like someone comforted by his mother,

I will comfort you;

in Yerushalayim

you will be comforted.” (CJB)

In the book of Isaiah God is speaking through the prophet to the Children of Israel. The scattering among the nations, the Temple being gone… Isaiah was sent to remind them to not give up. To believe in the promises that God had given them.

In this verse God was telling them that HE will be their mother. HE will comfort them. HE will bring them back to Jerusalem and provide for them.

In 1948 these promises came true and Israel became a nation. Israel began regathering the people back to the land that God promised to Abraham.

Some people have a mother. Some people do not. Some want to be a mother and cannot. All of these challenges can put people into awkward positions on a day like today.

This verse should remind us all that GOD has created us and loves us. GOD has taken us in as HIS own and will COMFORT us.

Run to HIM today and let HIM comfort you. Believe that you have been grafted in to the promises that HE gave Abraham so many years ago, and that YOU are in HIS plan.

Love and blessings,


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