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Keep loving each other actively...

Love. It’s a word that is thrown around so easily today. We don’t always know how to love each other. So this verse gives us a clue…

I Peter 4:8

More than anything, keep loving each other actively; because love covers many sins. (CJB)

The word “actively” is interesting. What does it mean to love each other “actively?”

Personally, I believe that it means we must THINK about what we do. We must remember that those around us all have situations. We must be proactive to respond to those situations and meet them where they are.

That is what Jesus did. He met people where they were. He chose to meet their needs and love them, obviously it was actively.

Why? Because LOVE covers many sins.

No, we are not Jesus. He was the Son of God. We are human. But, as we learn to be like Him, we can LOVE like Him. We cannot cover sin, but we can grant grace and mercy by loving those who He places in our path.

Find a way today to LOVE actively. Extend GRACE and MERCY to those He places in your path.

Love and blessings,


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