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I will NEVER break my covenant...

Finding a verse in Judges was not easy, but like I stated, I am doing my best to find one from every book of the Bible! There are many AMAZING stories in this book, so this verse towards the beginning might give you an incentive to read the whole book to learn more!

Judges 2:1-2

Now the angel of Adonai came up from Gilgal to Bokhim and said, “I brought you up out of Egypt, led you to the land I swore to your fathers and said, ‘I will never break my covenant with you; you, for your part, are not to make any covenant with the inhabitants of this land but must tear down their altars.’ However, you have paid no attention to what I said. What is this you have done? (CJB)

It is clear from these two verses that the Hebrew people chose to walk away from God’s intent. God was telling them that He had brought them out of Egypt and said that He would, “NEVER break His covenant with them.”

We could stop there and think that everything was great and filled with FUN! BUT, we continue to read and it says, “HOWEVER, YOU have paid NO attention to what I said…” He went on to ask them, “What is this you have done?”

God was not overly pleased with what the Children of Israel were choosing to do. They were warned and told NOT to make any covenant with the inhabitants of the land and they were supposed to tear down ALL altars. That didn’t happen like it was supposed too.

Over and over throughout their lives the Hebrew people got caught disobeying God’s commands. Altars were left. New altars were built in places God did not ordain (Tel Dan). This was definitely frustrating and God did get upset.

The wonderful piece to the whole story is that God ALWAYS keeps HIS PROMISES and He did NOT break the covenant He had with the people. Even when they walked away and disobeyed, He stayed with them. HIS GRACE was always extended.

Yes, they were disciplined and yes, they had moments when people died because God allowed it, but there was always a remnant that LISTENED and obeyed. God continued to show HIS love and mercy.

Take time today to REFRESH your memory with stories from the book of Judges. Stop and remind yourself about the lessons that can be learned from HISTORY. TRUE history. History that they have proven existed.

Love and blessings,


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