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He will not turn His face...

Today is a NEW day. A day filled with NEW things. Sometimes that means returning…

2 Chronicles 30:9b

…he will not turn his face away from you if you return to him.” (CJB)

Reflecting on happenings around us and spending time with friends the other day, the word, "return" kept coming up. Sometimes in order for something new we must, “return.”

The children of Israel were once again disobedient. They had walked away from God’s heart and intentions. I love all of verse 9, but the last section is important.

It is time to understand that HE will NOT turn His face away. His desire is to LOVE and extend GRACE as often as it is received. If we are not experiencing this, it could be because we have chosen to walk away.

This verse says, “IF you return to Him…”

What does “return” mean?

It means seeking out what He wants. It means asking what He wants. It means changing our lifestyle to fit HIS plan.

RETURN to HIS plan… There are a lot of layers and meanings to this.

One reflection to think on is, “Love the Lord Your God with ALL your heart and soul and mind… and LOVE your neighbor as yourself.”

Are you ready to “return?” Are you ready to TRUST Him to bring ALL you need?

Love and blessings,


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