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For YOU are my praise...

This was the verse of the day on my YouVersion Bible App. I’ve missed getting some of them done and will have to go back to find them. My heart has been focused on the word, “Praise” this week.

Jeremiah 17:14

Heal me, Adonai, and I will be healed;

save me, and I will be saved,

for you are my praise. (CJB)

Heal me…

Save me…

I love how we can just cry out to Adonai and He HEARS us. If we say we want to be healed HE will!

If we say we want to be saved, HE will!

Maybe not always the way we want Him too heal us. Sometimes we have to go “through the valley” to find our healing. Sometimes we have to give something up to find our healing.

Sometimes we just have to surrender it all to Him.

Hard and tough, but when we do, HE is with us and will take care of us.

In the middle of all these situations, we are to GIVE PRAISE! We are to face the battle with PRAISE on our lips. Finding a way to GIVE THANKS to Him in ALL circumstances will lift us up and BLESS Him.

Find a way to TRUST HIM and THANK HIM for taking care of you.

Love and blessings, Rose

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