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First Night of Chanukah

Chanukah... A JOYOUS celebration. One that is festive and filled with food and candles and games.

And yet, just as it is all beginning, I'm pondering so much again.

I had a conversation with someone at work about convictions. It was interesting and I will definitely have to write about it at some point.

A friend and I were talking last night about being at the point of society being "dumbed down" and what could happen if people get to the point of "I don't care" again, just like they did in the Dark Ages.

My son and I were talking this morning about that, and he made the comment, "The saying, 'Pride comes before a fall' isn't quoted for nothing. It's known that people are becoming more and more prideful and that means..."

I have also been pondering traditions and what is good with them and what is bad. What is TRUTH and what isn't... Yes, my mind has been busy this week. I need to "let go."

So friends, as we begin to light the first candle of Chanukah, I have to remind myself that LOVE is what it is about. As most of you know, we like to use the Fruits of the Spirit when we light the Chanukah candles. The shamash (servant candle) is LOVE. On the first night this candle lights JOY.

It is time we remember to "keep it simple" and "let go." I need to let HIS LOVE rule my heart. I need to let that LOVE spill over so I can share HIS JOY.

Share it with others!

Happy Chanukah!!!!

Love and blessings,



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