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Explain the HOPE...

I’ve had several verses from Psalm lately, so I thought I would find one from the New Testament. This one from I Peter is full of HOPE for today.

I Peter 3:15

but treat the Messiah as holy, as Lord in your hearts; while remaining always ready to give a reasoned answer to anyone who asks you to explain the hope you have in you — yet with humility and fear, (CJB)

My question as I read this verse is: Who wouldn’t want to treat the Messiah as HOLY?” Why wouldn’t someone want to believe HE is LORD of their heart?

I read the whole chapter and it seems that this community of faith was struggling to understand how to treat each other and those around them. Peter was teaching them to understand the blessings they had.

Peter wanted them to remember WHO their Messiah was and WHO was Lord and what HE expected of them. Peter was reminding them to share HIS LOVE with those around them. These Words are TRUE for us today.

We are called to be READY. We are called explain the HOPE.

All of this was supposed to be done with HUMILITY and FEAR. WORDS for us to LIVE by today.

I believe the challenge for us today is to ask ourselves if we are READY!? Do you have an answer for the HOPE you have? Or maybe you need to ask yourself, do I have HOPE?

This verse might discourage some because they don’t know if they could really explain who the Messiah is if they needed too. I choose to think that if we treat the Messiah as HOLY and hold HIM in our hearts then HE will give us the words to say.

Are you excited to share HIS love with those around you? Are you READY to give a reasoned answer to ANYONE who asks you to explain YOUR HOPE?

Be ready!!!

Have HOPE!

Remember to have humility and fear…

Love and blessings,


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