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Every year Jesus celebrated...

This week we are busy preparing for Passover. Friday night we celebrate this family dinner together. Today I want to look at yet another verse and reason why we choose to celebrate this holiday.

Luke 2:41

Every year Yeshua’s parents went to Yerushalayim for the festival of Pesach. (CJB)

We often think that this celebration is just a Jewish feast and we don’t need to celebrate it. However, we also say that we want to be like Jesus and do what Jesus did. I guess we need to ask ourselves if this is important to participate in? If Jesus did it, than it should be something we, at least, should study and understand. Maybe there is something we have been missing along the way!

This verse makes it quite clear that Jesus CELEBRATED this feast EVERY YEAR with His parents! They traveled to Jerusalem, just like God asked them to do, so they could present their lamb to the priest and remember ALL that God had done for them as they left Egypt.

This dinner is one of the OLDEST family dinners that is still being done today. The only one that would be older than this would be Shabbat. If it has continued on for so long, it is mentioned in the Bible, and it something that Jesus CLEARLY participated in EVERY YEAR, than maybe this is something we should research and learn about?

I mentioned in my blog yesterday that Jesus is “hidden in plain site” in this meal. We can clearly see along the way that Jesus has completed many pieces of this dinner. He can be seen in the different elements.

My challenge to you today is to look at the deeper understanding of Passover. Recognize how Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection are incorporated into the dinner. Understand that this is NOT just for Jews to celebrate. There are many reasons why it is HIGHLY important for us to acknowledge and recognize.

A motto I hold too is, “If Jesus did this, than I want too as well.” Jesus was Jewish. He would have done A LOT of things that I never heard of growing up. Many were considered too “Jewish” to participate in. This is something that we cannot overlook anymore. We need to learn and look deep for the secrets in the Word.

Love and blessings,


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