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Don't be afraid...

Fear. It isn’t something we like to talk about. It isn’t something we like to deal with. And yet it often entangles us and brings stress. We all know there are many verses in the Bible about fear. Some people say that there are 365 of them that tell us to fear NOT. I, personally, have not counted them, but here is one…

Isaiah 41:10

Don’t be afraid, for I am with you;

don’t be distressed, for I am your God.

I give you strength, I give you help,

I support you with my victorious right hand. (CJB)

There is nothing more straight forward than the words, “DO NOT…” So, when this verse says, “DON’T be afraid” we should LISTEN and take heart to ALL that is written next.

God clearly tells us, through the prophet Isaiah, that HE is with us. We have NO REASON to be distressed, because HE is our God.

HE will give us STRENGTH. HE will give us HELP! HIS right hand is VICTORIOUS and HE will SUPPORT us with it!

THIS verse is why we NEED the Word of God planted in our hearts. THIS VERSE is why we MUST TRUST Him to take care of us.

Do you BELIEVE these Words? Do you KNOW that they are directly from the mouth of God?

Fear will come. Fear will try to get into our mind. Maybe it is about an upcoming surgery. Maybe there is a loved one headed overseas to a volatile spot. Maybe we don’t know what is happening at our job. Maybe we don’t know where our food will come from next. These situations will cause fear to arise.

The ONLY way to combat the fear is with the WORD of GOD. Speak it! Claim it! Don’t let the enemy try to bring you down.

God clearly says, “DON’T be afraid…” HE is with you…

Love and blessings,


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