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Proverbs 25:28

Like a city breached, without walls,

is a person who lacks self-control.

If we lack self-control we allow our body, "city" to be breached... We must have control over our mind, thoughts and emotions. We should not, however, allow others to have control over them. We must take captive anything that is trying to keep us from having a healthy mind and body.

I’m trying to sort so much in my mind. I overthink. I want to solve and I can’t… I don't like it when I feel like things are out of control. I often feel like a puppet on a string. I don't like feeling controlled because it affects my mind. And yes, some of it I place on myself because I overthink.

What I am realizing as the world gets crazier and crazier is that everyone wants control. As people feel like things are spiraling out of control they often begin to demand more control. Those around them resist, because they want to have their own control and well… We can see how things can get crazy. No one wats to be a puppet on a string so they resist...

Toddlers - want to control

Young children - test their parents and try to control.

Teens - definitely want to have their own control.

In all of these situations it is the parent’s responsibility to show love while teaching their children they cannot control.

Young adults are thankful to be out on their own and have control.

Managers want to control.

Spouses control.

The question is, do we really have control? Where does control need to end? Who should have control?

We were not created to control. We were created to love. We have forgotten how to love.

Sometimes when I want to control, I have to walk away and let go… The best thing I can do is remove myself and say, “God - you take it from here.” That is showing love.

Sometimes when we are so controlled that God can’t work anymore, we have to walk away too. There are times that people (managers, churches, spouses…) place so much control on us that the only option for mental and emotional health is to walk away.

I’ve written about surrender and how that idea is not in the Bible. Surrender is to “give in to the enemy.” We are not to “give in,” rather we are to wrestle. As we walk away from a fight, we wrestle that need to be in control.

And yet, in all of the wrestling, we must remember that we cannot let our body, "city wall" to be breached. If someone, or something, is causing our walls to crumble, we have lost our self-control.

It's time we return to taking care of ourselves, and showing that care to others. I still say, if we truly LOVE ourselves and those around us, we won't have the need to control.

I feel like my words are scattered tonight.. I guess the simple message I am trying to relay is, "We must know how to have HIS self-control so our bodies (mind, will and emotions too) are well taken care of. When we have HIS control, than HIS LOVE flows to those around us."

Let go of the need to control. Wrestle in HIS love.

Love and blessings,



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